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Here is the study that you need to learn for the core studies exams.

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You can also find all of the past exam questions on Tajfel's study here

Here is  a multiple choice quiz.

Here is a crossword

A matching exercise

And a cloze thing

Here is a short comprehension exercise.

The glossary has a brief summary of the Tajfel study. 

Here is a biography of Henri Tajfel. 

Here is a description of the famous Sherif et al. Robber's Cave Experiment  And here is a description of Sherif's realistic conflict theory.

This is a description of social identity theory.



In this great picture Henri Tajfel has his hands crossed.


 This video below is a summary of  Jane Elliott’s famous experiment where she divided her class of children based upon the colour of their eyes and bestows upon one group privileges and on the other group impediments. Not surprisingly her eye colour experiment created quite a storm at the time and is still shocking today.  The narration is by Phil Zimbardo.  You might want to think about how this study differs from Tajfel's.

I have been telling my students for a long time now that I would add a relevant song to every study.  There are many songs, for many reasons, that represent each core study.  Here is my song for this study.   It is relevant - the theme music from the Matrix.  And it is very good.  Any suggestions for any of the core studies welcome but I will only add them if I like the song.







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