Further Reading

There are some excellent books (and software) which would help with your studying of AS (OCR) psychology.



This software runs on a school/college network/intranet and guides each learner through the 20 core studies and more.  The software is interactive and includes animations and lots of quizzes.  Students have found it "engaging and stimulating".  The software can be used by a teacher in class but works best when the learner is in control at their own screen.  If you a student/pupil pester your teacher to buy it.

Core Studies in Psychology, by Mark Holah can be bought here


This interactive software called Understanding Correlation is designed to run on school or college networks.  It is very simple to follow and has interactive quizzes.   It is very highly recommended - but then I would say that wouldn't I?

Mark Holah Understanding Correlation.  
Can be ordered from www.learnbyit.com 


I have bought a class set of this book by Banyard and Flanagan.  (If I had budgeted better I would have bought one for every student - sorry students). Highly recommended.  I will write a better review soon.  This is currently my favourite out of a great set of books for OCR AS psychology. Buy them all - I do. 

And as usual, not a single reference to my website - although this book is far  better than my website so I suppose that is fair.  This book though has spurred me on to make this site even better.

Oh -  and the supporting web site is top class too.  Phil has a web site with answers to past exam questions here.

This book is uber fab.

Phillip Banyard & Cara Flanagan AS Psychology Core Studies

Any student struggling with the psychological investigations paper (and coursework for A2) will find this book indispensable.  Written by Beth Black and Cara Flanagan, this very focused and fun book has been published in the now ubiquitous magazine style.  Oh and there is a supporting web site too here

This book does give a link to my web site - apparently this web site has "useful materials and good links".

Beth Black & Cara Flanagan Research Methods for OCR Psychology


This very useful book is the second edition of Psychology and Everyday Life by Karon Oliver listed below.  Written by Karon and  Louise Ellerby-Jones this superb book has good descriptions and evaluations of the core studies and much more.  

Karon Oliver and Louise Ellerby-Jones  Psychology & Everyday Life (2nd Edition)



Fiona Lintern has  written this smashing little book which is crammed full of activities and resources.  It also includes plenty of web links but not to my site.  Ouch.

Fiona Lintern  Study Guide for OCR Psychology:  AS Level



Fiona has been very busy writing this one too.  And it's even better than the one above.  It is in colour and has some pretty pictures.  Still no links to my web site though.     You also get some interactive quizzes on a free CD but they aren't as good as mine so there.

AS Heinemann Psychology OCR David Moxon   




This great book includes summaries of the 20 core studies and more.  Top book and easy to read.

Phil Banyard &  Andrew Grayson Introducing Psychological Research (2nd edition) Macmillan Press




Again, this book contains summaries of the 20 core studies.  However the summaries are briefer than Phil Banyard's book above.  Karon Oliver's book also has some great background reading for the core studies.  

Karon Oliver Psychology and Everyday Life Hodder & Stoughton 





This is a book for the real enthusiast.  It includes the 20 core studies in almost their original form.  The evaluations are excellent.  If you manage to get through this book you will feel a sense of achievement and probably know more about the core studies than your teachers.

Richard Gross Key Studies in Psychology (3rd edition) Hodder & Stoughton





The Philip Allan student unit guides have been updated (2nd Edition) and are great value.  There is one for the core studies and one for the practical investigations.  Both books are written by examiners and include sample questions and answers.

They will even fit in your pocket.  Well if you have big pockets - or even pockets at all.  They would certainly fit in a slightly above average handbag.   But maybe not both of them.



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