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 I have added a PayPal donate account (on the right) which is a definite sign of selling out. Click here if you want to find out how much cash I have raised and how I have spent the dosh - it's not much at all really. 

Anyway more importantly this site has been developed for AS psychology students following the OCR syllabus.  It has no connection with any exam boards or colleges and therefore all of the mistakes are my own.  

I also write interactive software for learnbyit.   Here is the web site where you can find more information about how to buy the software - www.learnbyit   There are currently two CDs  for sale one called Understanding Correlation and the other the fabulous Core Studies in Psychology - with more to come. 

This web site has not received any awards although it was once nominated for an award from ferl-becta by me.  I got a nice letter saying that I did not win anything so the letter went in the bin.  

I can be contacted by e-mail at


I don't have a mission statement and don't intend to

If you have problems printing any of the pages there are at least a couple of things which you might want to try.   Firstly it is possible to reduce or increase the text size on most internet browsers.  For example, in Internet Explorer you can click on view and change the text size from there.   Secondly, you can highlight the text you want to print (just like when you highlight text to copy and paste) and then on the print command click on selection and then print.

In fact a better alternative is to buy a book.  



For Teachers

If you are a teacher and are not already a member of the OCR e-list you should contact the exam board and request to join.  This service is an invaluable support for both experienced and less experienced teachers.  

I also do a blog/news thing about psychology for teachers, and I would really welcome some comments from teachers – please. Go to www.psychnews.co.uk

The Association for the Teaching of Psychology should also be supported and supportive.  And if you are going to the 2008 conference I will see you there.  I believe that I am doing a workshop. Do have a look at the conference web site because I helped in doing it. 


Here is the web address of Uniview Worldwide Ltd www.uniview.co.uk   They are a mail order company specialising in psychology resources, some of which (especially the classic studies videos) are real gems

Online classroom is an excellent online psychology magazine and is where you can buy high quality psychology dvds such as classic studies in psychology.


I always look forward to any comments, suggestions, criticisms etc.  Actually that's a lie.  I don't look forward to criticisms.  Comments and suggestions etc are good though.



Happy reading/clicking - and a big thanks to Jeff, Jamie, and Mike Denton for technical help, and all the students (especially Jill Berry and Mike Denton) and colleagues Jeannine and Jamie, who have made comments, suggestions, and lots of criticisms etc.


January  2008



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