The Loftus and Palmer Page

Here is the study that you need to learn for the core studies exams and you can also find all of the past exam questions on Loftus' (1974) study here.

Here is a multiple choice quiz  

And here is a pdf version of the original study

You can buy the excellent classic studies dvd from online classroom which includes footage of traffic accidents and clearly demonstrates Loftus’s research and findings, thoroughly discussing the issues raised by errors in eyewitness testimony.

Tony has sent in this rap his students completed.  Enjoy homies.

Elizabeth Loftus' home page can be found here at the University of Washington. It  gives links to several of her articles, about the 'false memory' problem, but there is less stuff about her eyewitness testimony work

This is a great web site packed full of interactive memory stuff.

And the glossary contains a briefer description of the Loftus and Palmer core study

       Elizabeth Loftus


Some comprehension questions in word format.








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