Lola: by Tony and his Wilberforce students


Loftus E.F. and Palmer J.C.

Thought that they could reconstruct memory

They showed clips of crashes

To university students from classes

And questioned them on what was seen

In groups of three

Two groups were asked questions of control

Distraction making them oblivious of L & P’s goal

One group however were left to decide

Was the glass on the screen or in their mind?

Questions were asked and chairs were vacated

Right where the experiment was situated

They had to make sure that the results were tight

The participants were called back to answer

Some more questions on the automobile disaster

Once finished they were thanked for their time

And here comes the conclusion to my L & P rhyme

Depending on the verbs used and questions with range

L & P found memories could be rearranged


‘The Crew’


Now this is a story all about how

Loftus & Palmer did something Wow!


I’d like you to take a minute just sit right there

I’ll tell you how they perceived the event without a care

In psychological evaluation of explanation the craze Loftus & Palmer spent most of their days

Chilling out nights working on food to see why it affects out memory

Then these two smart guys there were up to some good

Started picking 9 students from the neighbourhood

They showed them one little clip and they became clear

How leading questions made them fear

Loftus whistled for Palmer and when he came near

He explained reconstructive hypothesis and it was unclear

If there is anything I can say Loftus and Palmer were unaware

About the facts of psychological affair




The Kentucky String Pluckers

(This is to be sung in a hillbilly rap styleee!)


Loftus and Palmer

Rhymes with farmer

45 participants (clap)

Showed him some clips

Of cars hitting bricks

Smashed ‘em and crashed ‘em

Hit ‘em and split ‘em

Which one went fastest (clap)

Ask ‘em some questions

Give ‘em suggestions

Loftus and Palmer

(build for the big finish)

Rhymes with farmer.




Yo yo yo this is ‘ow it go “l” to the “oftus” and Palmer too

Cool psychologists has the will to do

Their memory was changed

That was always arranged

With their reconstructed memory

Dat’s how its gonna be

Their results were legendary

As they were right

My psychologist homies tried to prove them wrong out of spite

They can’t handle the truth

But then they saw the proof

45 students sat in a room

Then watched those cars go zoom zoom zoom

They answered questions on the 7 clips

In the leading questions they were given tips

That’s it I don’t know the rest

Sos y’all know we’re such a pest.