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You can also find all of the past exam questions on Milgram's study here

Here is  a multiple choice quiz and a crossword.

Here is a web site dedicated to the work and life of Dr Stanley Milgram 

And here you can read a pdf of the original study. 

You can buy the excellent classic studies dvd from online classroom which features original footage from the Holocaust and Stanley Milgram’s study, with a clear commentary from Dr. Philip Zimbardo that gives fascinating insights into Milgram and his motivation.

A  video narrated by Stanley Milgram which documents this classic study can be bought from

The glossary has a brief description of this wonderful study.  And here is a clear description of the Hofling et al (1966) study. 


A recent attempt has been made to replicate Milgram’s classic experiment. Mel Slater et al. (2006) recreated the experiment using virtual reality. Mel Slater and colleagues tested participants’ willingness to administer electric shocks to a computer animated woman in a virtual reality environment.

You can read the experiment here.
















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