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Sometime during September 2006 I added a paypal donate account on this site.  Jamie gave me the idea and suggested that I would make oodles of cash and he didn't even ask for a percentage.  His idea was that I could use this money to make the site even better.

Good idea Jamie  So far I have received 1.20 from an anonymous donator.  But when I checked the e-mail of Mr Anonymous I realised that it was from Jamie.  Stupid idea Jamie.  Why would anybody donate money to a web site that is free?

If anybody does donate any money I will let you know what I have spent it on and give you a mention on this page. 

During April 2007 Denise (a teacher) donated ten pounds – she said that the Holah website saved her a lot of work.  This is my first ever proper donation – Jamie doesn’t count because I bought him lots of sandwiches from the canteen over the past year and just one sandwich costs more than 1.20.   Thanks for the donation Denise and I will be mostly spending it on sandwiches for Jamie.

Via e-mail from Jamie (I work with him so why he didn’t just tell me I don’t know) he has made two points.  Firstly he does not just eat sandwiches. Apparently he does other stuff such as teach and make blogs like PsychBlog – he still eats sandwiches though.  Secondly he has suggested that if people are going to make donations they would like to know what the money could be used for – other than his sandwiches.  I have decided that Jamie will have to buy his own sandwiches and I will use any paypal money to host a new site for the 2008 changes that will be ready well before the specs are introduced. Any money donated via paypal will help with the hosting of this new web site and will definitely not be buying Jamie any more sandwiches.








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