It is very important that when you plan your coursework activities you bear in mind the ethical guidelines. 

Whilst it would be wonderful to replicate some of Dom Joly's Trigger Happy TV experiments in your school or college the exam board would become very upset and your centre would get into trouble.

If you bear in mind the following points you should be OK.

Do not conduct an activity which may cause stress, distress or embarrassment to your participants.


Do not conduct an activity which puts yourself or your participants at any kind of risk, however small this may be.

Do not engage in or encourage your participants to engage in any illegal activities.

Do not deceive your participants in any but the most minor ways.

Do not use children under 16 as participants for your activities.

Do not attempt to manipulate negative variables such as aggression, loss of self esteem or depression.  You can however manipulate positive variables such as smiling or helpfulness.

Do not use stooges or confederates in an attempt to change a participants behaviour.






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