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Here is the study that you need to learn for the core studies exams and you can also find all of the past exam questions on Piliavin's (1969) study here.

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And the glossary contains a briefer description of the Piliavin core study

    Jane Piliavin



 Here is a description of Darley and Batson's (1973) study From Jerusalem to Jericho.


                Judy Rodin



The authors of this study were Irving Piliavin, Jane Piliavin and Judy Rodin.  Irving and Jane are both retired professors at the University of Wisconsin.  Judy Rodin was given an award for outstanding lifetime contribution from the American Psychological Association and is best known for her work on attribution and health.




Piliavin, I.M., Rodin, J.A. & Piliavin, J. (1969) Good Samaritanism: An underground phenomenon? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 13, 289 -99)












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