Further Reading

There are some excellent books which would help with your psychological investigation.

Any student struggling with the psychological investigations paper (and coursework for A2) will find this book indispensable.  Written by Beth Black and Cara Flanagan, this very focused and fun book has been published in the now ubiquitous magazine style.  Oh and there is a supporting web site too here

This book does give a link to my web site - apparently this web site has "useful materials and good links".

Beth Black & Cara Flanagan Research Methods for OCR Psychology


Fiona Lintern has written this smashing little book which gives lots of help with the psychological investigation paper.

Fiona Lintern  Study Guide for OCR Psychology:  AS Level





The Philip Allan student unit guides have been updated (2nd Edition) and are great value.  There is one for the for the psychological investigations paper.  The book is written by  an examiner (Fiona again)  and includes sample questions and answers.










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