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For Teachers

I hope this web site is useful for students and teachers.

Those of us teaching this fab course will probably already know that there is a lot of help at hand.

Unlike many other teachers of other courses we have some excellent text-books (see Further Reading) some great web sites (see Links) and some very supportive organisations.

If you are looking for second year stuff I would definitely recommend www.simplypsych.com    You will have to pay to register but it is good value for some high quality resources.

I also write interactive software for learnbyit.   Here is the web site where you can find more information about how to buy the software - www.learnbyit   There is currently one CD  for sale called Understanding Correlation - with more to come. 



If you are not already a member of the OCR e-list you should contact the exam board and request to join.  This service is an invaluable support for both experienced and less experienced teachers.  

There is also a link here which provides more information about a software programme 'no more marking' .  

Here is the web address of Uniview Worldwide Ltd www.uniview.co.uk   They are a mail order company specialising in psychology resources, some of which (especially the classic studies videos) are real gems. 












The Association for the Teaching of Psychology should also be supported and supportive.  You can request an application form from their web site.
If you are using this site I would be grateful if you could let your pupils and students know of its existence too.   The web site will not be pass-worded and should be available 99.9% of the time.  (The 99.9% bit is the promise that most of the ISPs make to be on the safe side).


I always look forward to any comments, suggestions, criticisms etc.  Actually that's a lie.  I don't look forward to criticisms.  Although I do look forward most of the time as I find looking back gives me a stiff neck. 

I can be contacted at



A friend and colleague, Danny Precious has kindly provided a free version of a block buster type game that I know many teachers, including me, use.   You can download it here.