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Freud (Little Hans) 

Past Short Exam Questions




Freud wrote that the case study of Little Hans provided support for his theory of sexuality.  Outline two pieces of evidence from the study that support Freud’s theory of sexuality.







The study by Freud contains the following extract of a conversation between Hans and his father.

Father:  When the horse fell down did you think of your Daddy?

Hans:  Perhaps.  Yes, its possible





What was Hans’ father trying to find out with this questioning?






Give one problem with this type of questioning.







The study by Freud is an example of “action research” where the researcher collects evidence at the same time as attempting to bring about a change in the situation.  Using the case study of Little Hans as an example, give two problems with conducting action research.








In the study by Freud, Little Hans is referred to as a “little Oedipus”.  Briefly describe the Oedipus complex.        






Outline one piece of evidence from the study that is used to support the claim that Hans is a “little Oedipus”.

January 2001






From Freud's study on Little Han's, outline one piece of evidence that suggests Hans's phobia resulted from the Oedipus complex.









Outline an alternative explanation for Hans's phobia.  


6 From the study by Freud, briefly describe one of Little Hans' dreams or fantasies

May 2003


7 From the study by Freud on Little Hans, outline one problem with the way data was gathered. [2]

January 2004


From the Freud's study of Little Hans, outline one strength and one weakness of the way in which the data was gathered. 




May 2004

10   Outline two pieces of evidence used by Freud to suggest that Hans's fear of horses was symbolic of a fear of his father.

May 2005

11   Suggest an alternative explanation for little Hans' phobia of horses other than the one given in the study by Freud. [2]

January 2006

12   According to Freud, little Hans was in the phallic stage of development.

(a) Identify two features of the phallic stage shown by little Hans

(b) Suggest one weakness of the evidence to support his conclusion about little Hans





May 2006

13   Freud suggested that little Hans was going through the Oedipus Complex.

Describe two pieces of evidence from the study which would support this claim.




January 2007