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The notes below are based on handouts by and with permission of Frances Harding.

Questions the Examiner asks when marking the Practical Project

For all sections:

Is it clear and concise?


Can I tell what has been done and found out?


Do I understand what they are talking about?

Is the information appropriate?

Does this lead me to the hypotheses?


Are they operationalised?


Is it clear what has been done?

Could I replicate this project?

Could I select a similar sample? Could I carry out the same investigation? Do I have the necessary materials?

Do I know what they did with the data collected & how it was tested?


Are the key findings presented clearly?

Was the appropriate inferential test carried out on the data?

Are all visual displays and tables clearly labelled?

Are there comments on all the visual displays and tables?

Does this section show an understanding of the data and the findings?


Does this section discuss the most important aspect of this project?

Are comments made specifically about this project?

Is there an understanding of the research process?

 Presentation & communication:

Are all the references including statistical tests and packages present?

Are all the references written out in full?

Are all the instructions, debriefing notes, materials, raw data, calculations or print outs present in the appendices?

Is the project within the word limit?


The Assignment


1     Issues / Assumptions

          Are the issues /assumptions clearly identified?

Are they appropriate issues /assumptions from this source?

Has their inclusion been justified, perhaps by quotes, from the source?

         Have they been linked to psychological evidence?

Are the issues / assumptions from different areas of psychology?

2     Evidence

Is it the most appropriate evidence or has it been shoe-horned?

Is it detailed, and providing information beyond Part 1?

Are the findings of empirical research or the predictions from theories linked back to the source?

3     Application

          Are the suggestions applying psychology?

          Are the suggestions explicitly related to the source?

Do the suggestions show understanding of the source and psychology?

          Are the suggestions evaluated?


Presentation & communication

Are all the references present?

Are all the references written out in full?

Is the project within the word limit?

Is there a wide range of psychological terms used with understanding?



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